Generator Installation (New)

Keep the lights on next time there’s a power outage with a home generator installed by Express Electrical Services. Having backup power for your home is crucial to keeping your family comfortable and perishables at a safe temperature.


Our electricians are experienced in installing fully automated Kohler generators. With these products, there is no need to go out and start the power during a storm. The generator will automatically turn on if your home loses power so you can stay safe inside enjoying the heat or AC. Once installed, our team continues to handle maintenance to ensure your generator is ready when the time comes.


A more affordable option, though less convenient, is portable gas/propane generators. Express Electrical Services can install the correct electrical hookups for your portable to make sure it runs smoothly when it’s needed.

Which Generator is Right for You?

Not sure which type is for you? Check out this blog from Direct Energy or give us a call. We’ll help you pick the right generator for your home or business.