Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Give your home an extra “wow” factor with outdoor landscape lighting. You put a lot of hard work into your yard, it’s time to show it off and show it off safely. When it comes to outdoor lighting, Express Electrical has the knowledge and experience to install the lighting with the highest safety standards in place. We customize lighting to your needs.

We’re proud to work with Volt Landscape Lighting, providing our clients with high-quality, professional-grade lighting products at affordable prices.

Security Lighting

Keep your home safe by installing security lighting around your property. Express Electrical can install floodlights or spotlights to help you deter unwanted guests, including wildlife.

Area Lighting

Maximize the time per day you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with area lighting. Illuminate your walkways, yard space, and porch

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Express Electrical is well versed in installing low voltage outdoor lighting. Low voltage lighting provides many benefits to property owners, including safety (lower voltage means less risk of shock), easy installation, and energy efficiency. Low voltage lighting can be used throughout your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Quote

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