Safety and Risk Assessment Special

Find peace of mind about electrical safety in your home with our $99 safety and risk assessment special! We’ll look at all of your home electrical setup and inspect:

  • Smoke detectors and other safety detection devices
  • Ground Fault Outlets (GFI)
  • Electrical panels
  • Check for circuit overloads

Following the audit, if any areas cause concern, we’ll provide you with recommendations for updates and replacements.

With winter weather and the holidays in full swing, now’s the perfect time to make sure your circuits are safe for your crock pots, kitchen appliances, electric heaters, and holiday lights!

Home Inspections vs. Electrical Audits

You may not think you need an audit since your home was inspected at the time of purchase. However, home inspectors are not trained in a specific trade and can’t provide an in-depth electrical inspection. Our safety and risk assessment focuses specifically on your home’s electrical system and makes sure there are no safety concerns.

Call us to schedule your audit today!